Winter Snide - A Snide Man

A Snide man is born for success, every Snide man is. One who can't claim his success is a failure of the Snide family name.~Anthony Snide~

Winter is a nobleman's son, his family an ever-growing line of successful men (and, occasionally, women). The man in question, however, has not had a very supportive family during his life, a sufferer of mood swings causing Winter's father to put a consistent strain on his son with mentions of failure and inadequacy for the Snide family name. The canine, however, works hard to try and keep himself in check when around other people of society, though his personal system of checks and balances can quickly degrade with his impulsiveness. This impulsiveness is something he sees more as a destructive force to himself than anything positive, having lead to certain articles of clothing, both secret and not, to aid him in keeping himself in check. Regardless his self-perceived or hammered-in shortcomings, Winter is a smart man (thanks to his high social class) of several talents with a desire for conversation when in one of his moments of heightened spirits and an apt for, unsurprisingly given his family line, business oriented situations.
(credit goes to KaityCuddle)