The Wound 1

In the Crusade of the Lost City, a war which lasted for several years, the dead were uncountable. The fields were stained red with blood, and bodies were scattered all over the northern end of the continent. The Goldspring River even became unsafe to drink from for a time, due to the high concentration of corpses and decaying matter in the water. Another unintended side effect of this war was an area now known as “The Wound.” When one performs chaotic or evil magic, they cause a bit of damage to the barrier that separates the material plane from the others.This damage usually ends up repairing it self so quickly that it's almost impossible to notice. However during The Crusade of Light, a large amount of chaotic magic was used by the demon army against the Crusaders. This became most evident in the advance on the Lost City. So much chaotic energy was cast here, and so many people died, that the barrier couldn’t heal itself quickly enough and it broke. The Wound was the result, a deep dark chasm that led directly to the birthplace of all demons. The area was tainted, and became a hive for evil creatures. Though the area is slowly healing itself, it will take thousands, possibly millions of years before all the damage is gone. In the meantime, this area combined with the Dead City has  made the northern half of the continent nearly uninhabitable except for demons, cultists, and those who can thrive off of the energy.