The Order of Soul Carriers is a group of avians, specifically crows and ravens, who are responsible for the collection and transportation of the souls of the recently deceased between our world and the next. They are a clandestine society, and many do not understand their motives. The Order has many divisions, branching out over all the earth and beyond. Only the highest ranking members of the order, the top three tiers more specifically, know of the existence of the latter divisions. There are five sects total in the world of MFK, however only two members are currently known of, acting mainly in the city of Earnwold.

Many have forgotten what life was like before the Order, a given since the age in which the Order was established was before written recording was established, and language was a series of grunts and utterances made by the drooling homo-whatever-hybrids that were beginning to exist at the time. At this time, the Order was made by the ravens who, after seeing the easily corruptible souls of the long deceased manifest into what are now known as demons, devils, and god-forsaken pidgeons, decided to do something to help the dead along. People who know this part of history argue that the ravens of the first age were the most compassionate and selfless creatures who ever existed, but the truth of the matter is, they were simply annoyed by the pidgeons. Whatever their motivations were, the ravens began working to find ways to assist the souls. After spending years creating portals that opened straight to the phantom zone and hell, they finally found the way to the judgement plane, with the help of crows, who suggested, in the most brilliant way possible, to not ask demons for directions. For their help, the crows became influential amongst the Order, going on to suggest organizational models that drastically improved efficiency and reduced the effort to assist souls until eventually stumbling upon a way to carry souls within their own bodies. Ravens attempted this as well, but the result was quite catastrophic.

Every carrier has training in defensive and illusory magic, and defensive combat, with the option to aquire further training in any school of their choosing, provided they learn no offensive spells. Furthermore, different members gain innate school specialization based on their species: Death for ravens, Illusion for crows, Storm for falcons, etc. The guild has trainers for these schools, save for Death, which all ravens are taught in their upbringing.