Deep in the thick of the Livewoods, in the heart of the magic and the vast sea of green brush and wild oak, there is what some have called a natural gift of the gods. An oasis to the weary and the essence of the Livewoods plentiful nature, therein lies The Heart of the Forest.

This place is one of calm, untouched by outside hands in eons and guarded carefully by the spirit of the woods herself. The way to this paradise is guarded behind walls of seals and magic, creatures, and tricks from the mischievous young woman who calls the woods her home, but those who do manage to reach its inner most sanctum are met with a sight few eyes have seen in the lifetime of any kings.

The Guardians Wood

The inner sanctum

The Guardians Wood

In the deepest reaches of the heart of the forest, there exists the guardians wood, a vast beautiful expanse touched by the gods themselves that bring healing, prosperity, and enrichment to those who lay theirs eyes upon it. Magic is sealed here, and none dare bare arms against this place, so its peace has remained for untold ages.

Those lucky enough to find this paradise may be fortunate enough to meet the guardian herself and, should this rare meeting occur, she may grant her power on those she deems pure and strong, gifting them her boon in the forms of wealth, strength, or in very rare instances only written in history....a wish.