Anyone who had taken the time to read a history of Fedore will know of Taernnon the Great, one of the worst tyrants to ever grace the land. Even after the rebellion against him and sealing him away in his lich form hopefully forever. Traces of his reign remained for a long time though, like scars and wounds across the land. The biggest of these places is a large swamp known as The Ghoulmoors.

The entire area is overrun by the hordes of the undead, though they for some reason seem to not want to leave the area and instead spend all of their temple shuffling around, with the more intelligent ones gathering the dumber into small hordes. It is said this was the main training ground for Taernnon and his necromantic arts, with hundreds of people brought her and sacrified so they could be brought back. It is also said on one night that Taernnon gave up his soul, placing it inside an object that has been lost to history and hiding it, so that he may become invincible and live forever. So far no one has been able to find it, but Taernnon has never been able to make a return yet either. Still even with the evil lich buried so far underground, his evil presence can still be felt in the area today, an echo of the dark times of the past when he was in power.

It is a very popular place for cultists and those seeking to practice necromancy. It is even said that Taernnon’s spirits will sometimes appear, having temporarily left his body from below ground, and will reward the wicked with ancient knowledge, and curse the righteous by turning them into yet another undead minion. As such, the area is recommended to be avoided at all cost, even if carrying around major holy protections.