The Festival of Lich's End is a Fedorian holiday dedicated to remembering the reign of the terrible Lich King, Taernnon, and his cruel reign over the land. While this happened nearly four centuries ago, people in Feydore still celebrate by dressing up in scary outfits, and going door to door, demanding tribute to mimic the Lich and his officials. Of course, this is all in good spirit. The holiday is known to bring people together, bring many laughs and smiles, and to be fun for many who participate.


The festivities begin on October Thirty First, and continues until November the Sixth, as the aforementioned celebrations take place, people hold parties, and other such occasions happen nearly door to door. On occasion, even officials or guards are known to lighten up to join the public for these times. It's a common event to place decorations such as skulls or pumpkins or other things, and to wear outfits mimicking such terrifying creatures as a hydra, a dragon, an undead, or even the lich himself.

The seventh day, celebrated on the sixth of November, is more somber and serious. Outfits are taken off and decorations taken down, as the community celebrates the end of Taernnon’s wrath, and the independence of Feydore. This is when many families come together, to have a warm reunion or a dinner with each other. A candle light is lit through a silhouetted vigil, to place the symbol brightly into Earnwold, to pay tribute to those who gave their lives fighting the Lich, and those who played a part in his defeat.