Dead City

Once a thriving metropolis filled with thousands, possibly tens of thousands of people, the once great city, whose very name has been lost to the flow of time, now stands as a testament of how magic can go horribly wrong.  The original inhabitants were demon worshipers, and the place was a hive for demons, monsters, and other creatures of the night. This location was tolerated for several years until eventually its corruption began to spread to the nearby area, with entire villages getting destroyed in raids. When it reached the point where event the city of Heaton was being assaulted by these hordes, the people had decided enough was enough. They rallied an army together and sallied forth to assault the dead city, tearing their way through the hordes of darkness with the help of a divine blade, said to had been given Jhamsel himself. With this blade in hand, the army made a progressive trail to the dead city, leaving a path of blood and ruin behind them. Eventually they reached the city and began to siege it. This campaign for goodness would eventually come to be known as the Crusade of the Lost City.

The siege dragged on for years, it seemed there was only one option left to the demon lord Azael. To defeat the armies besieging his city, he performed a dark ritual, the details of which have been lost to time. This ritual created a large black sphere which started out only as big as a marble, but soon expanded to swallow up the entire city and the army surrounding it. However the power of the spell was too much for even the demon to control, and it consumed his soul, along with all those around him. Within this black vortex, the very laws of nature were defiled as souls were ripped apart into the tiniest bits, destroying all who were there, including the demon lord and the inhabitants of the city. After two days, the sphere disappeared as quietly as it had came, leaving behind no organic matter in its wake. The city was deadly silent though, no damage, a perfect museum for the dead. The souls of the damned would not be appeased though and after a few years, the remnants of the souls began to mix together, forming horrible abominations of nature. The city is now filled with them and cultists, with the darkness being stronger than ever. The only source of light is the holy blade brought on the initial crusade against the Demon Lord, which now rests somewhere deep within the city.