The Bastion is a vast store of knowledge curated by a group of golems referring to themselves as the Librarians. These Librarians collect knowledge from all over the world storing it here and jealously guarding it. The Bastion itself is a floating citadel, a fortress meant to keep the secrets within safe from any not welcome.


It is not clear when The Bastion or even the order of Librarians were founded, the first reports of the floating citadel date back to tribal accounts and pictographs in caves. What is clear is that the Bastion has existed for a very long time.


The Bastion and it's inhabitants remain unaffiliated with any known body of governance besides their own. The Librarians seek to keep any but their own from entering the citadel, and only rarely have they ever hosted guests.

Despite their reclusive nature most large settlements will receive visits from representatives from The Bastion, they seek no long term alliances, but they record the events around them and scour the world in search of new or forgotten knowledge to bring back to the citadel.

Occasionally librarians from The Bastion will seek out information, often offering great rewards to those that can bring it to them.


Given the time that The Bastion has existed, most who know about it think that most of the world's knowledge is stored there, lost secrets, maps to places that have not been seen in ages, forbidden spells and arts. The Librarians horde it all.