Tessa Beauclaire is the daughter of Amal, the god of healing, manifested as a giant, and her simple, yet rather brave husky mother, Maurideth Beauclaire. Her mother died giving birth to Tessa, and her father, being a god, had lots of business to attend to, so from birth, Tessa was alone. Her god father protected her and provided food for her when she was younger until she grew old enough to provide for herself. When she was born, she was the size of a 6 year old rather than a toddler, and she grew rather quickly from there. As time went on, she also began to develop powers of her own. These were powers that her father had. The ability to read the nature of others' intentions through eye contact, the ability to perceive any and all damage and ailments of a person by looking at them, and the ability to view another's "stats" by looking at them. In addition, the girl was born with the power to steal damage from others. Through a simple kiss planted anywhere, objects and living beings alike could lose any amount of damage or ailments they had received, which would then be transferred to Tessa. Of course, being much larger, deep cuts and broken bones were not as deep and not as severe for Tessa.

Over time, the macro husky grew to very large proportions, eventually ceasing her growth around 60 feet tall. She had never been in a city when she was younger, and now that she is bigger, she is rather disappointed to know that she never will, as no cities seem to allow macros. So instead, she travels the world, helping whoever is in need through her lips. She helped to rebuild the walls of Heaton after a dragon had attacked, her size and strength helping her to stack the stones back up with ease, kissing the wall to take all of its damage away, bringing it back to its former glory. She realized this wasn't a good idea, as afterwards, she was near death. It took her a full year of magic healing to recover. To repay her for the wall, Heaton built her a ship and sent a crew to take her across continents where she ended up on the beaches of Earnwold.