Personality and Behavior (*Backstory)

Tíogair is a Siberian Tiger that travels with his crew of pirates call the Cúram Ghlacadh, which is very much a lie. He is the captain of his crew, a crew of any kind of speceice really. The crew not only sail by sea, but also walks on land, though hardly will that come about. Tíogair is the only exeption, for some times he lets his crew head back out to sea with the first mate in charge while he stays behind. Nobody knows why he does it, but most think it's just because he likes to be risky. And indeed it is, for he is a well known outlaw, but somehow, he is often mistaken for a prince.

Tíogair is very strong, with a lifting capacity of one ton as the maximum. He carries a singles edged elvish sword, and as is seen, wheres a fair amount of expensive things, thus giving the impression that he may be a prince. Tíogair is not too hostile however, quite the opposite really, he can be the best of friends with anyone, so the reason for his piracy is very well unknown, where as for the rest of his crew, it's because they fell power with domination.

Strength and Weakness

Tíogair, regardless of his recklessness, still knows how to keep out of trouble. He understands how to read for signs of hostility, fear, curiosity, or any of the kind. Because of this is why he act the way he does, doing outlandish things an all, for it has grown a habit to him to understand traffic of words and such.

This does get the better of him however, for as good a he is in his skill, it comes to where he overlooks because he thinks he has it under control, only for it to come back and bite him hard.