A ten year old child with an unknown past and would usually have mysterious surprises hidden all around,formally an orphan but was found and taken in by Larkon Black Rose as a daughter and a left hand, loves everyone in the Black Rose family especially her parents, married to Nozomi, tends to be good at strategies, tries to resolve things with peace first and only use fighting as a last resort, mostly found wondering the forest with either her companion(Ruby a magical floating crystal orb) or not, is mostly up in a tree either sleeping, reading a book, eating berries etc..., has a strange fear of water and seems to have control over darkness, fights using two swords, one called Junkets, the other called Senkets, many dangerous sharp items that are in her hidden pockets, and magic that she either possess or been taught, likes to name her stuff, hates going out during winter, can be classified as a murderer or thief or anything else really, can either be childish or mature during certain times, easy to anger when insulting or trying to harm her family but does try her best to stay calm, holds the blood of many different beings as she was supposed to be used for world termination and be the ultimate being despite just looking like an 'innocent' child with wolf ears and tail, tends to wear a mask to hide her face, isn't very comfortable with mirrors, is best not to approach or insult when drunk, when in a bar or when already angered by other things, has multiple pets hidden in her cave house that she lives in with her father, has another being within her that she calls 'Truth' or 'Insanity', a monster that is a mix of every last living being that has lived.