San Lee is a traveling doctor, who seemingly is in her early 20s. There is much mystery regarding her identity and back ground. A female in beautiful red hair, and brown fur covering the majority of her body with a red and brown striped tail. Her face is a patch of white with two brown streaks one on each side, with two yellow eyes. She stands around 5'5ft, and she usually wears a simple shirt and pants, always accommodated with a lab coat. Either than that she wears a full on body suit that covers her from head to toe with a mask shaped in a crow's head.

(visual reference warning nudity:

(Normal attire:


Early life

San Lee's birth place is unknown ,but from her first reaction to snow, it can be inferred she was born somewhere in Kah'Alune. Apparently her parents were pharmacists, who taught her medicine and alot of her medical knowledge she has now. In the desert she would study herbs, and would ace any academic challenges in her field. She even finished her higher education around her early 10s.

As A Traveling Doctor

Seeing how Kah'Alune had nothing left for her to study in her medical field, she left to study and learn more about her passion in medicine around the world. She would help and heal those who were in need when she come across any patients she thought needed help. She would carry on with this life style until she settled in Earnwold in one of the Lower Towns making a medical clinic there.

As Faiden's Palace Doctor

2-3 years in as her career as the local doctor in Earnwold, she receives a summon from the Ice emperor Faiden. She travels to the palace of Faiden, to her surprise was not met with any patient ,but with a job offer at the palace, which she accepts reluctantly. She then served Faiden for a few months, even once stood in his place when Faiden was taken by Searin. When Searin took over the palace, she couldn't take it any more and took off, feeling that she was becoming too involved in things that deemed 'unwelcoming' for her.


After she took off from Faiden's Palace, she headed for Earnwold again, returning to her place at the medical clinic at the Lower towns once more.


As a Red Panda, San has alot of fear, she tends to be extremely shy at times, but a very determined character when needed. When she works, her shy and cowardly personality taken over by a very focused and calm mode. San is very easily flustered and bothered when it comes to romance or anything sexual, sometimes too affected to the point she is incapacitated with bashfulness. She also is a preferred pacifist and chooses not to kill her enemies, on the contrary, if she believes she hurt them too much she would actually treat their wounds.


Martial Artist

Throughout her times as a traveling doctor San would learn some martial arts to protect herself from bandits and such. Her fighting style is much like a mix of karate and judo, incorporating precise attacks to pressure points. Since she doesn't believe in killing San always fights to the point in which her enemy simply falls on their back and is down long enough for her to make her move and leave the fight scene.

Medical Master

Back at Kah'Alune she had mastered every medical course the place had to offer when she was a child and a student, and through out her travels she would learn more and more medical techniques which she would incorporate into her style, now in Earnwold she has studied to the point in which she can even treat certain fatal wounds and illnesses. She is most confident in her acupuncture abilities.