Salem, left by her parents with the raven beasts, grew up in a crystal filled cave with her family since she was little. She doesn't remember much about her real parents, only that they saved her from being killed with the rest of her clan, and for this she is grateful. She has never left the area around Earnworld and she is now a mother of a young cub named Ember.

Salem is a kind and careful dragon and defends those she holds dear furiously. She glows to show her moods and changes like the seasons her hobbies. The tree she lives in is a great oak tree where birds, owls, bats, and herself live contently with each other. Also after growing up with them, she believes that they are her family and her thoughts are stored in her soul. she does hunt prey like other beings in the world, but she is mostly partial to herbs, grasses, fruit.

During the hardships she had fitting in with the other creatures of the woods, she gained their trust slowly but gradually. This is her strength and what she uses to defened her family. Now, her friend Silver claw and the others are her family too.