Queen Celestial, or more commonly known as 'Meadow Fire' is a powerful magical creature, who's true form is still unknown. She is commonly seen as a human, about 6'5 feet high, has light brown hair, purple eyes, and caucasian skin.


  • Meadow Fire is a friendly person. She doesn't mind cheering someone up or making someone's day if it costs her something. She has a strong sense of duty and loyalty, but when both conflict, she can give up her friends to do what she thinks is right. She often acts young, carefree, and somewhat immature, but there are moments when she speaks with great wisdom and confidence, or when a friend is in need, she'll be glad to help guide them through their troubles and offer a hand in support. She is shy about using her powers, and uses them as little as possible.
  • Queen Celestial is formal, regal and wise. She acts independently most of the time, but occasionally has a soft spot for a mortal being, and becomes very close to a few people. She will not usually interfere with the conflicts of others; she will stand by and watch, but she'll be there in the darkest of times to lend a helping hand, a guiding light. In her eyes, every being deserves the benefit of the doubt, the second chance, the freedom from others' thoughts and opinions. Unfortunately, she does not take kindly at any attempt to harm or kill her, and responds with equal brutality. To Celestial, Meadow Fire is like an outlet to feeling what it's like as a normal being. A mortal creature, who changes every lifetime. She experiences a thousand different lives, she lives and she dies with her friends. It doesn't hurt as much as watching the world slowly burn for an endless amount of time.


While Queen Celestial is obviously at her strongest in a purer form, Meadow inherits a lot of power and affinity for solar magic. She can use and manipulate the radiation and energy coming from the sun, to do anything from firing a destructive blast of energy to assisting her in other kinds of spells to giving her minor physical advantages during the day. In both forms her magic is much stronger against demons and darkness-based enemies than angels or light-based creatures.