Ponton 1


Ponton has been a quiet city with not many things happening to it, but instead inside of it. Throughout the years Ponton has evolved to into the center for the peacekeepers of the world. They give sanctuary to those that need it. To attack someone in Ponton is most likely to be considered a death sentence or life in a prison or dungeon. There has only been a couple threats of invasion on the city but all have been stopped as to attack Ponton is to also attack every other city in The Independent States, as well as the Feydorian Empire.


There is a lot of diversity in Ponton. People from all walks of life live in this city and are always welcomed. Whether you are a poor man or a rich aristocrat the city of Ponton shall welcome you.

Foreign Relations

Ponton is neutral with the other City-States as they are a mediator for other Empires when they have political disputes. When a war is at hand they remain neutral unless attacked. The city will attempt to solve any disputes in war to prevent any further damage.