"Måtte dine dager være lange og fruktbare" - Ouch Time

Ouch Time is a giant among giants, and it has been this way since his birth.

His name is an odd one, but not too strange for his people. His name comes from the great pain he caused him mother, Synthesia as she delivered him. His sheer size put his mother in the hands of the care of healers. Since his birth though, he has caused many others to suffer, most of which was either by accident, or by his anger being stirs beyond it's brim, and hence the name. His real name is Lidelse in the Trollish tongue, but is translated better as Ouch Time.

Ouch Time's father and king of the Northern Trolls, (or Ice Trolls), Tusk, watched him closely as he grew and roamed in their home of Frostfell. And grow he did, for at his peek, Ouch was a full head and shoulders taller than Tusk. His great size frightened his people, and only made them all the more afraid of him. Tusk, although it hurt him and Synthesia to do so, they told Ouch Time that he had to leave the Kingdom, for he was far too dangerous.

Unexpectedly, Ouch Time complied with the good attitude he was taught to keep. Ouch Time fully understood the danger he put his people in, and thought his father's decision was for the best. Ouch Time traveled to what is known as the Iron Mountains, which is far from where Northern Trolls are expected to live, but it was cold enough for him to survive.

Ouch Time bares with him a sword crafted by his own hands from his Ice Smithing practice. The sword contains magic, not only just to hold to together, but also for the most urgent of times. These people of Trolls that he came from were indeed magic users, and he was no different, but he tends not to use it too often, for he is not practiced well in that art. (Northern Trolls use 'Frozen Magic' as the name implies, though only their greatest of mages can to magic outside of 'Frozen realm'). Ouch Time stands at about 17', whereas most Northern Trolls stand at about 12-14' tall, and weighs in at about 50 tons.