Mohanaca is a small demon (and insanely old), standing about 3 foot 1 inch tall. Despite her lack of size and physical strength, she is incredibly powerful and gifted in the ways of magic. She is rarely seen on the ground, as she floats and flies to most places. But if she is on the ground, she can move at speeds of mach 5. Flying nearly doubles that speed. Her age has taken a toll on her mental state, often making her let out sudden bursts of rage of laughter for no reason.

To make up for her lack of strength, she uses the shock-waves from her incredible speeds to deal intense damage to her opponents insides. She can use an array of magic, including (but not limited to); Ice, Fire, Wind, Earth, Dark, Necromancy, Light, Illusion, Healing, Demonic, and even some Angelic magics. Being a dream demon, she can enter the dream of anyone she finds asleep and edit it how ever she wants. She has even granted some of these dreams. WARNING: Granting a dream means that Mohanaca would also have to 'crush' a dream to keep the balance.

Yet, despite being incredibly powerful, Mohanaca has quite noticeable weaknesses. Her major one being a weak immune system. And due to getting sick so often, Mohanaca is often found relaxing, drinking tea, or simply floating around. Another weakness is her heart. If her heart is removed and a certain part eaten, she would lose her powers and who ever ate the heart would get them. (This also works for her weaknesses as well.) Only she knows which part of her heart would transfer her powers and which will transfer her weaknesses. Her third weakness.... is a secret~

(Credit to Ostrolist for the art.)