Character Summary

A rhino barbarians from parts unknown, Millicent Liondeath is a brutal boozer who's always looking for a fight. Some would describe her as rude, crass and uncivilized. The busty barbarian is known to be wise and knowledgeable in aspects of battle, however gullible and quite dim in most other aspects of life. Millicent is paranoid of spell casters, referring to them as often as "Shaman". Her demeanor is generally laid back however her temper is explosive to say the least for those who provoke the Rhino. Millicent prides herself in being honorable in combat and will never attempt to attack someone unaware, unless it is to save someone else in peril. Her fighting style reflects her brash and headstrong attitude as she primarily tries to overpower anyone who goes against her.She tries her best to not interfere with the workings of the world, traditionally to avoiding being caught up in others as she has a soft spot for those who are being oppressed.

History in the Roleplay

Millicent arrived in the civilized world with little fanfare, spending most of her time in the tavern. Unfortunately fate saw her originally aligning herself with a band of conspiratorial outlaws of the city through a series of misunderstandings and a general lack of cash. Following the disbanding of said group and strapped for cash she proceeded to attempt to join the knights. This was largely unsuccessful as she found much resistance from the ranks and the genral heirachy. Millicent being outwitted by the commander at the time decided to use her and then use his authority to make her life a lot more terrible. The rhino resisted, hiding with Vicky the priestess and together they resisted the Tyrant. Following this Millicent saw herself primarily working as a mercenary for about a year, joining the odd group, shaking down a few merchants, and generally staying in trouble. At some point down the line she met fairly meek Calixe A. Lathose. The effeminate Hybrid begged and bothered the hybrid for weeks, wanting her to be his teacher and teach him the ways of combat.


Millicent carries a large, worn hemp sack over her shoulder most of the time. In this is an eclectic collection of treasures, keepsakes, rations, some coin, her trusty metal stein, and her most valued possession (her club).

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