Maeliel is the God of the Stars, worshipped during the night all over the world.

He is responsible for the night sky we see today, and each of the stars that dot it. Each star is said to represent a distant ancestor of those that still live, and Maeliel can manipulate them to deliver messages to those throughout the world, through omens, creating star signs, shooting stars, and other mysterious yet beautiful events that only those skilled with their eyes may understand and comprehend. Maeliel can also send some of the stars down to Langar to deliver sweet dreams to those that sleep, making sure to keep the nightmares of Samua away.


Many years ago, not long after the creation of the world, a great war known as The Eclipse of the Backguard had shaken the known world, and Maeliel, the original God of Death, was charged with taking the souls of those that had died during the war, and putting them into the dark void above the world to watch over it eternally, as punishment. Soon after, Adrah realized his unique skill, and thus dubbed him God of the Stars, passing on the mantle of God of Death to Jhamsel.



Maeliel is often worshipped after the fact, as people thank him for good fortune. It is considered bad form to present the God with minor problems, and instead simply praise him when positive things happen to them.

The most fervent of worshippers believe each of the stars in the sky to be a minor deity given to them by Maeliel, and prayer is offered to them in times of turmoil, often asking for guidance and wisdom.

Maeliel is most often revered through simple prayer, and stands as a god that seldom will accept sacrifice in the form of goods. Rather, those that seek to curry favour go through prayer and meditation under the open night sky, reflecting on the beauty of the shimmering stars.

Places of Worship

Maeliel is one of the core deities, and as such shrines dedicated to him can be found in most of the major temples dotting the land.

Maeliel has a major temple that lies at the highest peak of the Iron Mountains. While it used to be a place of great worship, and a must-visit for those who champion Maeliel's faith, it has fallen into disuse and currently lies dormant.

Maeliel finds a strong following among the people of Boreus, due to their proximity to the north. The vast majority of the town see him as their chosen deity, and a major temple dedicated solely to the god can be found in town.