In the moment.

Mōko today lives in the streets. What? No no no he us not homeless he just lives in a poor part of Earnwold is all. The poor lifestyle he has is the usual one. Just enough to scrape by and live in a harsh environment. He owns a small restaurant in the market district too that sells his homeland food. As a legitimate business man he is always on the run but with his now new friend Silver guarding the shop he has time to do what he wants. This would include causing slight distress to the rich for a laugh or playing pranks on the guards, and this of course gets his joking ways into more trouble than he knew so now he's consider a instigator of trouble and is given a hard time by the guards even when he's only walking down the street getting things for his business.

What was that?

The sword! Oh yes that old price of metal was in his family for generations. Built as a special type of katakana to swing cater because of the sharper bend in the blade makes it truly a flash of lightning. The handle bent as well to make sure it will hit the paw and not fly out of his hand. The blade is well engine and but very old. Most would think it wouldn't stand a chance against a wall but in fact him keeping it up to date made it just as strong as it should be. With a combination of the blade and a extensive training in martial arts makes him a prime runner for bar brawls or casual encounters with those who want to fight him. His nature spreads rumors of the old days when samurais had magical powers held in the sword to give them the added edge, and this is true but he was never able to figure out how to unlock the power in it. He will be going to someone who can help if he hasn't already.

He who lingers in the past has no future.

Mōko's past is like any other. A good childhood and soon growing to a teen where he would train to be a samurai by choice. He fought evil and ran through demons like he was tough to. He didn't have family after his parents died so he carried his family's tittle proud before he soon was told that he had done his job and honored his family well. Then he opened a restraint to gain money that way. He's known to be a bit troubling at times by how he acts and he is a very talkative one too, though it always seems as if he's trying to sell you something by his tone.