Lulu Tonde is a Dragon-Girl hybrid of sorts, who is aged 117 in age (17 Human Years). Lulu is orphaned, and constantly gives conflicting answers as to what exactly happened to her parents, and any attempts to discover their fate through means such as the Tonde Clans Librarians, comes up empty handed. She isn't bothered by her orphan status however, as she has many things to keep her going. Her turtle is one prime factor. She had raised her turtle (named Shell-don) ever since she could remember, and Shell-Don in return gives her turtle hugs and snuggles. Turtle also has a crush on Dehmra, and is naturally pervy, often going to lengths to spy on people bathing. But besides this, Lulu spends her time in the temple, tending to her 'shrine' to her turtle, which she had built in a haste to cash in on the temple offerings.