Lex is a Witcher from the School of the Wolf known as Kaer Morhen there he spent his entire life as he was left there as a baby. Lex never knew his actual family but considered the other Witchers at the

school his family and there Lex me his Best Friend Ciri and one day during training the fortress was attacked and Lex used one of his Witcher signs to push ciri away from a sword which hit lex across the eye giving him his scar. Unlike all Witchers Lex has green eyes and is lefthanded he uses a Silver Sword for killing monsters and a Steel Sword for Humans, As well as his swords Lex also has his Witcher signs IgnI a fire sign, Quen which will put a shield up around Lex, Aard which will push his enemies back, Axi which can corrupt peoples minds and make them do Lexs bidding, and then Yrden which can trap and slow down ghosts, wraiths and other specters.