Levi is hemomancer of sorts. He isn't able to control other being's blood, but he can control his. His blood is special, it is infected since he is an undead. If a drop of his blood enters someone else's, he can then infect their blood and control them, as long as he still has a blood connection with them. Hence the title "The Blood Puppeteer" He can control his blood into any shape and form, from swords and shields to armor and bows and arrows. It bends to his will, and can become sharp and hard or soft and stretchy. For the most part, he uses it as strings, to keep his "Blood Puppets" under control. In his previous life, Levi was training to be a doctor. A man of peace, he despised war, so he was training to be a doctor to heal people that were hurt by it. He died while on a mission to learn more about the human body from a doctor in another kingdom. Somehow, he ended up being assassinated instead of the king, and was brought back to life by the king's brother (Whom lost his life in the process) Levi is 6'3 and weighs about 160 lbs. He was somewhere between 21 and 22 when he died.