"It's real, I swears! I saw it with me own eye!"

The Dropman

The Dropman is a creature who's existence is hinted at only in legends and stories, most of which come from drunks of pubs and bars who recently were lost in the forest for an extended time. Easily passed by as drunken rambles, what exactly the Dropman is can vary from person to person, though a few pieces of the legend rarely change: The Dropman is a creature that hides high up among the branches of trees, it speaks only in odd rhymes and rarely shows itself.

The Dropman itself seems to only appear for those who have lost their way in the deeper parts of the woods while alone, where the trees become thick enough to mask the sky above and shadow the entire floor below, showing little of itself and dropping things such as apples or rocks to help direct them or aid their survival. This is also where it's colloquial name of the Dropman comes from, it's way of dropping things to people in need (and supposedly, very rarely in the stories, lowering itself from the trees).

Dropman's Appearance

The appearance of the Dropman is hard to place given the variety he gains through the stories that are told. What can be known from frequency is that it is a creature of multiple arms that is roughly the height of an average adult male who's colors seem to blend into the trees it hides in and mask it from view.

What isn't exactly known is everything else. Some have claimed the beast to have a head much like that of a spider's, with fangs and all, while others claim it be a fox or wolf. It's number of arms is debatable, but it never seems to go under three, with some claiming a second set of arms sprout from the middle section back and others claim they stick from the shoulders or out the front. Some have claimed to have seen fur rustling along it in the wind, while others claim to have seen a shine of scales on the Dropman when it slipped into a patch of light briefly, though the most outrageous claim is that it actually has plantlife growing from it's body.