Physical Description

Karkat has a girlish figure and facial features; soft, unremarkable flesh of an olive tint; lengthy, blonde hair that shields the left side of his face and reaches just beyond his jawline; and teal-colored eyes.


Karkat was born in Valhitia while his mother's husband was away. His mother, for fear of being called a whore when her husband returned to see her child, cast him into the river. An ice troll named Aozoth later found him in the river and took him in as his own. He was later raised in Frostfell for the next seventeen years.

At the age of ten, his biological father payed him a visit and gave to him a deck of magic cards. These cards, he later found, could be used to summon the essence of any monster from any religion (be that monster from any religion, obscure or no- if the monster was at one point in time truly believed to exist by at least one person, it's possible to summon them). To summon the monster's presence, the blood of the summoner must be spilled upon the soil of the Earth. Once the summoner's blood has touched the soil of the Earth, the summoner will immediately begin to take the form of the summoned monster, determined by the specific card. The use of this magic requires the utmost concentration, as it is quite easy to lose one's self in the depths of one's own mind during use of the cards. Karkat only has three monsters in his whole deck, which are:

  • The Behemoth is a creation of Karkat’s mind, which he would catch sometimes sightings of in his dreams. The monster now frequently visits his dreams, but this was only made possible through an extensive year and a half of training. When its card is used, Karkat will grow to twice his original height (11’10”) in a blinding flash. It is a large, masculine, wolf-like beast, and is granted more speed than most creatures its size would normally be granted. This is Karkat’s preferred card. Mana use: 100 mana per minute.
  • The Leviathan, when summoned, will form to the anatomy of the human body, which will cause human flesh to turn to scales, Karkat’s hair will grow significantly longer and darken to a sickly shade of green and his fingernails will lengthen and sharpen to be utilized as claws. Using willpower, water within a ~1 mile radius can be manipulated by Karkat. Mana use: 60 mana per minute.
  • Cthulhu, when summoned, Karkat will grow to three times his height (17’9”) and turn into this monstrosity. In this form, Karkat can manipulate water within a ~2 mile radius. Mana use: 80 mana per minute.

Frequent and/or extensive use of the cards will have side effects based on the summoned monster. Since the Behemoth is Karkat’s most preferred card, he has upped sound/smell-detection and strength/speed factors.

If one full minute has elapsed and Karkat has not exerted enough mana to sustain his current form, he will revert to his original form.

Upon acquiring these three cards, Karkat commissioned from a blacksmith a small pouch which allows for him to retrieve the desired card upon opening it, which cuts out the extra seconds it would require to manually search for the desired card.

At the age of seventeen, Karkat left Frostfell to explore the world.

At the age of 20, Karkat obtained a coat of many arms which would later be the cause of his demise.

Combat Methods

Karkat is generally inexperienced in the practice of combat and tries to use his brains more than he does his brawns, commonly using the circumstances to his advantage. When engaged, he will assume a stance and maintain his distance from his opponent as he takes a glimpse of his surrounds to make a mental map. In the first few minutes of the exchange, Karkat will assess his opponent’s fighting style, items on their immediate person, methods of attack, etc. Afterwards, he will take a glimpse of his surroundings and become familiar with them as he locates two things: escape routes and potential weapons, exclusively in that order. He will then do one of three things: If he decides that he’s biting off more than he can chew by fighting his opponent, he will immediately flee the battle via an escape route and attempt to shake off the enemy. If he decides that he can take his opponent on, but does not think the current location is ideal for him, he will flee the battle via an escape route and dart off in search of a more ideal location, sparing no time in such. If neither of the two options are available, then Karkat will frequently dodge his enemies attacks in order to wear them out and proceed in whatever manner he deems necessary.

Some notable flaws are Karkat’s inexperience in battle and his overly-developed confidence during its duration, and so he is still prone to making mistakes during battle.


skill name description
Echolocation Echolocation allows for Karkat to make a mental map of the layout of the area using the echoes provided, should the conditions allow for it.
attribute details
primary strength Karkat can lift up to ~600 pounds (~272 kilograms). In his Behemoth form, he can lift up to ~1000 pounds (~454 kilograms). The Cthulhu can lift up to around 10 tons (~4536 kilograms).
secondary strength When pushed to his limit, Karkat can lift up to ~1000 pounds (~454 kilograms). In his Behemoth form, he can lift up to ~4000 pounds (~4536 kilograms). The Cthulhu can lift up to ~15 tons (~6804 kilograms).
movement speed Karkat can reach speeds of up to ~20 miles per hour (~32 kilometers per hour). In his Behemoth form, Karkat is granted more speed than a being of his size would normally be granted: up to ~30 miles per hour (~48 kilometers per hour). The Cthulhu is significantly slower.
reflex speed Karkat can reliably dodge melee attacks from unskilled fighters, and swift thrown projectiles from a distance, even while in his Behemoth form. The Cthulhu is only able to react to very slow attacks.
attack speed Karkat is able to attack three times per second, even while in his Behemoth form. The Cthulhu requires at least a second or more in order to throw any attack.
intelligence Karkat has specific knowledge on a few broad subjects, a particular subject being magic.
wisdom Karkat is able to quickly understand a situation and plan accordingly.
mental willpower No amount of mental stress seems to be able to break Karkat, but it is possible somehow (however exceedingly improbable and implausible it is to do so). Karkat's morals simply don't allow for such breakdowns.
physical willpower Karkat is able to keep acting temporarily after breaking several bones, or being shot or stabbed somewhere non-fatal. In his Behemoth form, he can keep going temporarily after sustaining multiple injuries that when added up will probably be fatal without immediate medical intervention, though he will more than likely pass out upon reverting to his original form. The Cthulhu can only keep going temporarily after being shot or stabbed in non-fatal areas more than once, or having open bone fractures, or having damaged non-vital organs, due to its relatively soft skin.
durability Karkat is able to resist harm that would otherwise easily injure the average human, but is still just as vulnerable to bullets, bladed weapons, blunt trauma, etc. as the average human. In his Behemoth form, he is notably more durable than the average human, able to resist harm from blunt trauma. The Cthulhu is notably less durable due to its relatively soft skin.
magic resistance Karkat has magic resistance that is slightly higher than the average being's. Low level magic has a somewhat lesser effect on him. In his Behemoth form, he is highly resistant to low level magic, and is slightly resistant to medium level magic. The Cthulhu is just as resistant to magic as the Behemoth is.
recovery Karkat's injuries typically heal faster than an average human's, still requiring actual medical aid but is able to be released from a hospital considerably sooner, recovering from injuries in a span of weeks that would otherwise take months.
stamina Karkat can fight for up to ~6 hours without resting. In his Behemoth form, he can fight for up to ~12 hours without resting. The Cthulhu has just as much stamina as the Behemoth. (Note: The last two stats do not indicate that Karkat can stay in these forms for twelve hours.)
melee skill Karkat may not have as much field experience, but knows more about the basics of combat than the average person does.
melee reach Karkat's melee reach goes as far as his fists go, unless he picks up an object to use as a weapon during combat (In this case, Karkat's melee reach goes as far as his fists and as far as the weapon goes.).
ranged skill Karkat may not have as much field experience, but knows more about the basics of ranged combat than the average person does.


Karkat can hit his target within a ~4 inch (~10 centimeter) radius when he is focused. During actual combat, though, he can hit his target within a ~12 inch (~30 centimeter) radius.
magic skill Karkat has mastered one specific style of magic combat, though at the expense of being unskilled in other styles of magic combat.
skill variety Karkat has enough knowledge of his skills to find multiple basic applications for them without difficulty.
weaponry Karkat typically uses his fists and the current environment to fight his opponent.