• James the sergal is the most majestuous creature within the kingdom, his glorious white furred described to be flowing in the wind as a shopping bag floating in the wind like an airy spirit is playing along with the ample piece of plastic. His cunning blue eyes shimmering with something that looks like candle light, with the intensity of our love and life providing sun.

But the beauty that the physical plane has granted him, was a side on the scale of his life. As there was a file side to this tremendous looking beast.

His words are like acid, his actions morally unacceptable. A rebel who lives of friction, a conversation gone smooth is one lacking in passion. May it be anger, fear, love or lewd. Or the one thing that appeals to his ego and greed, gold. He was truly turned mad by his obsession with the most perfect metal on this planet, and his madness lead him to wealth. Yet, left with nothing besides it to show for it. Turning him bitter, and judgeful against others.

But very few, manage to carve the hideous rough unpolished stone that his personality is. And end up with a brilliant diamond, a stable and strength based friendship will form. But like an actual diamond, under high pressure and out of ashes! And for there to be ashes, there has to be fire. And those that play with fire, likely get burned.