Anime Kid

The Young fourteen year old boy, Jace Agallon is currently the heir to the duchy of Lyonia, a land run by Duke Kilian Agallon his older brother. He often trains to become a better fighter like the rest of his brothers. He spends his free-time roaming the city of Earnwold, occasionally with Mikael and Robb as his baby sitters.


For a fourteen year old boy, Jace happens to be of average height. He has long dark blue hair and brown eyes. Usually his attire consists of a long white shirt, baggy black pants, a silver chain necklace with a silver cross, a blue sleeveless trench coat along with black boots.


Jace is usually an innocent and easygoing teenage boy. Though occasionally against his older brother Kilian's wishes he begs Mikael to take him to a brothel to look at the women there. Jace is also a friendly and confident guy, looking up to Mikael, Robb, and Kilian and strives to be like all of them.


Early Life

Born to Duchess Lucia Agallon, she died giving birth to him. Like his brothers he grew up in a life of luxury, being educated and trained for his future life.


As a kid who has now reached puberty, becoming evermore curious about life and the future.


Hand-To-Hand Combat expert

Through training as a child at many schools, Jace has become proficient in this ability.

Efficient Endurance

After taking hits, to some degree he can survive and continue fighting.

Cooking expert

He also snuck into the kitchens to copy the techniques of the cooks.

Shadow Devil Slayer Magic

Like Robb, Jace's magic is specifically designed to combat demons. Unlike Robb, Jace has learned the magic by reading many forbidden books in temples and his time during travelling, practicing through scrolls and fighting techniques as well as drills.

Curse Resistance

Jace isn't completely immune to curses but he has a higher resistance to them more than others, complete immunity only develops when he gets older.

High Willpower

He can also see through and resist temptations and hexes as well as pentagrams and unholy relics.