A Bustling Metropolis that hosts both the Brimstone Academy and the

greatest market in all the world. The grand city also serves as the home of the renowned Argyris Family, and is one of the few cities not controlled by any form of Royalty.

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Heatons upper districts are built on and within massive stone tiers.


Heatons culture revolves around indulging in the joys of life, whether it be congregating to drink wine, celebrate prosperity, or overall merriment in general. The people of Heaton hold no shame in their bodies or their natural urges and there fore express their sexual desires openly. The structure of Heatons society is based around financial succession. Everyone in Heaton either owns or works for some kind of business. 

The lower districts, though not as prosperous as the upper districts, still make moderate success. So much they are able to be graced with buildings of fine cut stonework.


Due to Heaton being a major city of trade, they enforce very strict laws on theft, extortion, gambling, and so forth. So strict some of such laws are punishable by death. The most common form of execution in Heaton is forcing the accused to fight till their death in the Colosseum. 
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The Heaton Castle is the second largest, and one of the most well defended structures in all the nation.

The Argyris Family

The Oldest and most influential family in all of Heaton, the Argyris Family have always had a seat reserved in Heatons high chairs of power. They started out like any other citizen of the city. As minor business officials. Through their wealth and dealings they have earned such stature and respect. Many tend to dislike individuals of the Argyris Family, calling them sneaky cheats with far too much money. In truth, the head of the family always uses a majority of the family funds to aid the nation of Heaton. As they've done for generations. A hand full of Argyris, mainly distant cousins whom were over privileged by their parents, tend to be excessively lazy and spoiled rotten. This reflects negatively on the Argyris family as a whole because those who despise the family are too quick to assume. But history in Heaton is unbiased and will always remember the Argyris family as a noble, yet still flawed family. After all, they're still human.