The Fedorian Imperial Army is the professional military of the Fedorian Empire. Often used as a means of defense, the diverse army stands loyal to their Princess and her Empire. The Imperial Army, though powerful, does not see much use and often remains at their posts awaiting their call to arms. The Imperial Army also holds itself to reflect the Fedorian Empire, meaning that the military allows anyone in who can make it through the initial training.


The Imperial army is split into five legions, each legion is lead by a 'Marshal' with the 'High Marshal' as the overall leader of the army, whom all other Marshals answer to. Under the Marshals of each Legion, Captains are hand picked by the Legion's Marshal. Captains lead a corp, every corp is made of three regiments, each regiment is led by a Regimental Officer, or R.O. for short. A Legion numbers tend to vary, due to the nature of the recruitment.  

The Marshalship

Instead of a system of generals, or the reliance of nobles to provide armies to the Empire, the Empire holds its own centralized army that is commanded by a High Marshal. The idea of the Marshalship is to separate the landowning Nobility from commanding the military. So, the Marshals are forbidden from holding any other land holding titles of Nobility besides that of military or honorary titles. Though, it is allowed for Marshals to hold land as a gift of retirement.

The High Marshal is hand picked by a retiring High Marshal from the ranks of the five other Marshals. The High Marshal has absolute control of the Imperial Army, second only to the reigning monarch. The High Marshal technically has the right to command any Legion, corp, or regiment that they so wish, though, this right is rarely used at any level lower than that of Marshal. The High Marshal also holds the right to use any Legion's Redoubt, and any Lord or Lady's castle as a base of operations if the Fedorian Empire is being invaded.

The Leaders of each single Legion are called Marshals, the Marshals answer to the High Marshal, the reigning Monarch, and cooperate with the local lords of their theatre. Each Legion is designated a 'theatre', which is an area of The Empire which that Legion is responsible for defending. The Marshals handle the deployments, strategy, and movement of their respective Legions. They are also responsible for recruitment, expected to maintain a minimal force number at all times. Each Marshal is unique, a product of the Legion which they lead. Every Marshal is chosen from the ranks of the Legion's Captains, to ensure familiarity and comradeship with the Legion that they lead.

Recruitment and Training

Every Legion trains their soldiers differently, and has lsightly different requirements

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