Deinonychus,or better known as Nych, is a 15 year old raptor with an uncontainable sense of adventure. He can't help himself but to do anything to get out an run around. But there was a time that he was not so excitable. When he was much younger, he lost his father and mother to a Serpentine invasion. They were easily recognized as the Crotalus tribe, but which Crotalus was still unknown. With his home lost and his family gone, he ran as far and as fast as he could from that place.

His survival skills were entirely dependent on his instincts, which caused him to act more like a dumb animal that had no sense of right and wrong. This changed one day when a fearsome monster caught him, intending to be relived of hunger. The giant snake that had Nych on the brink of death...spared him, saying it was just too painful to watch himself kill a child again...

From thence Crotalus Atrox, as he was named, became a soft hearted father to the little boy and raised Nych up to be a better man that he ever was.