The Brothel

Crystals alluring light is owned by a bunny girl named Crystal, it's an open fuck brothel, just grab who ever and play away BUT you must pay for it. Prices will be shown below

-Base fee 15 silver per hour

-Spanking included, hair pulling included, biting included, all these are free

-+1 Silver, Whipping, Degredation, Scratching

-+2Silver Milking, extreme spanking, bondage, anything involving blood

-+3 Silver, Uniforms and outfits of your choice, fisting, public and over night renting.

-Group sex goes from 15 base silver to 10 for every member.

-Workers are paid 75%.

-Gang banging the owner may result in long term discounts

The bar also serves drinks, and the homeless are welcome to stay with Crystal.