Crystal is generally a smart, sophisticated, incredibly generous, kind, caring and yet slutty girl, she enjoys helping others as much as she can, and takes good care of those who come to her looking for care, and she especially looks after her friends.


In business Crystal is very generous but in returns expects her girls to pay her the cut she wants, and not steal any excess, she gives her girls reasonable pay though, Crystal is very generous to those who approach her looking to hire her rather than her girls, giving highly generous discounts, and doing it for free with any group larger than 5 people.



Crystal grew up as a only child in a rich family, getting a better education than most, learning how to run a business, which she ended up doing, Maths and advanced reading and writing, though she always had an urge from a pre teen age, she was always attracted to boys, possibly the bunny in her acting up.

Teen-Modern Life

Crystal as a teenager indulged in her love of these boys, quickly becoming a prostitute at the age of 14, which is normal in the medieval world, shut up. She made good money and opened up her own brothel at the age of 23. It was pretty unvisited by very high quality, the bunny was now super generous and caring, and hoped to make her business and herself extremely well known in the city of Earnwold.