Beth Seathre is a kind and friendly girl. She is a canine anthro. She is a bard.


Beth Seathe is a kind and caring person. She also a bit to curious. If she saw a person walking into the woods at night she would follow.  She hates seeing people angry, sad, or scared so she tries to help however she can.


She was born on the road. Her family was always traveling. She has four brothers, and two sisters, she was the youngest. Her mother died shortly after she was born so she never knew her.

She learned to play the lute from her father, who loved it, he would play for hundreds of people. She even surpassed him and was the best in her family. She learned the flute from her oldest sibling Kraila. She always stayed one step behind her, where ever she went Beth would follow.

She heard so many stories while they travel, from the retired soldiers, active soldiers, and even the homeless people around in a few towns. She always helped anyway she could when they were stopped. One day while she was listening to a story of a old man by a fire in a tavern he pulled out a flute and handed it to her. He said" it is a magical flute. Who ever listens to the music of this flute will become joyful and love the player." This intrigued the young girl. She played it and making people happy wasn't it's only power, it also brought the fire to life! Tiny people dancing in the fire! The old man told her to keep it since he couldn't play. When she was fourteen she decided to leave and have her own adventures, her family said goodbye and good luck on her adventures as she left.

She traveled far, looking for excitement and adventure for songs and stories for she can tell. She traveled from town to town. She had ran into her family again five months after but separated again. After two years she had found her way to Earnwold, the magnificent city.