Azure Megil is one of the captains of the Earnwold guard. Many people tell her that she is alot like her sister; very kind, cute, and always eager to help. Azure is very protective of her family and is not afraid of a fight if the need arises. If given the choice however she would rather avoid a conflict all together.


Azure Megil fights using a variety of fighting techniques, specifically ice magic, her stave, and very rarely a bug that follows her around sometimes. Azure trains constantly to be able to fight efficiently on very smooth and slippery ice, having learned to take advantage of it in combat. Some examples of magic she may preform are freezing the ground around her to create an icy battle ground. Azure can also create small pillars of ice to create walls or impale small foes. All of Azures magic requires her to strike the crystal end of her stave onto the surface the magic will effect. The other end of her stave has a bladed end, she can use it like a traditional spear, or as a traditional stave able to user her agility to fight up close with it.


Early Years

Azure grew up on a small little farm just outside of Earnwold with her mother Yuelia, and her sister Lumos. Azure had always been fascinated and wanted to join the Earnwold guard ever since the guard helped stop a group of bandits that would raid her mothers crops. Azure had been trained with the spear, however she later found that she had the ability to cast magic with a channeling crystal. Lumos and Azure then traveled to the desert town of Negronde, where they had their armor and weapons made for them. While they were there they were also trained in how to fight, often sparing against each other. Azures mix of ice magic and melee weapons earned her the nickname of the Subzero White Knight.

Current Day

Azure currently is a captain of the Earnwold guard along with her sister Lumos. When news got out that Lumos had got married to Alex she was very excited. After much pleading she finally managed to convince her sister to join the Earnwold Guard with her, as she would be able to keep her safe that way. That has not been the case however, as her sister was taken by the Lich king and has not been seen since.