The Assassins Guild

The Assassins Guild is a secretive group that does not take in anyone that they do not know or trust. All of the assassins must swear a sacred oath to uphold the rules of the assassins and swear their loyalty. All assassins are given an emblem, which is sewn on the right shoulder of the assassin's robes. The members of this guild can be identified in the MFK room by the .^. symbol in their names or statuses. The assassins are trained not to make mistakes, and to be proficient in many combat, stealth, medical, and survival skills. An individual assassin may specialize in one or two specific job. Examples include: Gathering intel, finding contracts, assassinating, infiltrating, stealing, and so forth.

Current members of the guild include Silver Claw and Erik Graves, as well as Master Ashur Cortez.

Drake Blayze was a former member of the Assassins Guild

The Creed

-An assassin must never kill an innocent, or somebody who is not a target, unless in self defense.

-An assassin must never betray the Guild, whether it be by revealing the identities of his fellow assassins, to giving away the location of a guild meeting.

-An assassin must follow orders given by the master assassin, as long as his orders do not defy the laws of the assassins.

-If an assassin breaks his vows, his actions are punishable by banishment from the guild, execution, or temporary suspension, according to the severity of his offenses.

-If an assassin steals from the poor, the innocent, or was not ordered to steal, he must pay the victim back, twice as much as he stole.

These vows may be strict, but they are essential for an assassin to keep the right mindset and stay focused on his job.