Amal is a deity, revered among the people of Fedore. He is known as the God of Healing.

Though a deity popular among all creeds and levels of society, he is not often prayed to by the rich and powerful unless they are in need of his blessing for themselves or loved ones. Amal is silent and his blessings given sparingly as he prefers the world revolve without his intervention. Of course, there have been enough cases of his miracles to keep people believing in the benevolent god.

Old depictions of Amal simply refer to him as a river in the sky, bringing life and resource for the world. Over time he took on a serpent-like dragon form with a long flowing mane a beard that constantly floats as if he was submerged in water. He has no eyes, blind as justice judging not on superficial traits and blessing people with his powers justly. Most recently, around 100 years ago, depictions of Amal with branch-like antlers have grown in popularity though they bear no fruit or foliage but glowing orbs of warm light symbolizing hope.

Amal rarely if ever speaks to his followers, giving only hints of his presence in miraculous recoveries and fast healing to those who pray to him. And even then it is not always certain he believes you worthy of his blessings. It should be noted those who are charitable, especially to the poor and sickly, have a higher rate of being lucky enough to receive favour from the God of Healing.